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Never owning my own computer until I was able to buy it myself at age 18, I played on any computer I was allowed to use. I use to stay over at Park Elementary school after class let out, to play on the one computer in the back of the classroom.

In high school at Madison Grant, I would always be at friends' houses playing on their computers, trying to figure out what these machines could do.  As a young curious mind, I found ways of breaking my friends’ computers by accident. At the time, there were no computer shops. I either had to figure out how to fix it, or buy them a new one! I learned how to fix them quite fast.

I got a summer job helping at Indiana Wesleyan University in 1995, when I was only 15 years old.  I thought I already knew about computers, but I learned a lot that summer. Hand coding IP addresses into Windows 3.11 and 95 computers, I learned about the fundamentals of computer networks.

In 1997, I helped pull the physical network cables that run through the I.W.U. administration building. I learned about the physical configurations and connections that year.

Fast forward to around 2002, I got an engineering job at Hewlett Packard in Indianapolis. I helped manage the assembly process and helped supervised the entire south side of the factory on Georgetown Road. This was a unique time in HP’s history, as they had just acquired Compaq.

Later, I moved back to Grant County. I have sub-contracted to almost every computer company in the area, which helped me realize, I'm not really a businessman. I want to help people. I feel that many businesses are worried about profit more than people. I want people to know how they end up with their problem, and educate them to prevent it from happening again. I want to help them, not just fix the same thing over and over just for a quick buck.