Download the Loyal IT MaiNTenance installer.

This software is intended for internal use only by Loyal I.T., Inc, and is not recommended to run on any computer that is not currently supported by Loyal I.T., Inc.

You may have to right click on the "LoyalITMNT.exe" after downloading it, go to "Properties", and "Unblock" it.
After unblocking the LoyalITMNT.exe file, then you can right click on the file again and "Run as Administrator".

After clicking install, click next, and run after it's finished. This will setup your computer to run a maintenance routine at 8pm every night your computer is left on.

*Windows update cache cleaned
*Windows updates check and install
*Windows Temp files removed
*Temporary internet files cleaned via CCleaner
*Browsers/Pluggins/Third Party application updates via PatchMyPC
*Customizable for additional tasks like defrag and backup (contact us for details)